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Proxy server is the best alternative of vpn 

A proxy server is an intermediary computer that is between the user's computer and the Internet. It can be used to log Internet usage and also to block access to a web site. The firewall at the proxy server blocks some web sites or web pages for various reasons. As a result, you may be unable to download Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or to run some Java applets.Proxy servers:Act as a firewall and content filter A security mechanism deployed by the ISP's or network administrators in an Intranet environment to disable access or filter content requests to certain web sites considered offensive or harmful for the network and users.Improve performance Caches (stores) web pages accessed by hosts on the network for a certain amount of time. Whenever any host requests the same web page, the proxy server uses the cached information instead of retrieving it from the content provider. This leads to quicker access of the web pages Buy proxy . Getting Proxy Server Information Check with your Internet Service Provider (ISP) or system administrator:To get proxy server informationIf Java applets are disabled to run on your network If you are trying to access a blocked web site Proxy servers acts as an intermediary between the remote server and client.When a client requests a resource (webpage ,file) it connects with the proxy server instead of directly connecting with server Twitter proxy . Proxy server downloads the requested file from remote server and then it is sent to client.So, by using a proxy server a client never comes in a direct contact with remote server.Proxies can be used to bypass the internet censorship in colleges ,schools and offices.Proxies can be following types Proxy servers are machines used to channel Internet traffic through one computer. Network administrators use a proxy server to direct Internet traffic, improve speed, cache popular pages and secure the internal network from malware. These advantages make the use of proxy servers a common practice in small to large offices.CacheThere are several advantages to have cached versions of web pages using a proxy server. First, it cuts down on the amount of bandwidth usage. This is especially beneficial for businesses that pay large sums when bandwidth usage exceeds broadband provider allowable maximum traffic. Users who gain access to the Internet using a proxy server are given the cached page instead of using bandwidth to retrieve the hosted website page. Secondly, retrieving a cached page from the proxy server is faster for the user Youtube proxy  These two benefits make it more convenient for the user and the network administrator.AdministrationA proxy server is a benefit for administration, because the network administrator can filter and a manage Internet usage from one machine.